A bubbly, hilarious, bob-donning burst of energy. That's Kristen Bell: Happiness embodied. If you were to match her personality with a single beauty product, it would doubtless be a blissed-out, CBD-spiked bath bomb. Like the very one she just created for Happy Dance, the new Kristen Bell collab with Lord Jones.

According to the original announcement made in May, the actor (a self-admitted skeptic at first) has been a fan of the CBD-centered wellness brand for several years, initially falling for its hemp-derived body lotion. It was the quality and accessibility of Lord Jones' products, paired with its charitable ethos, that reportedly reeled her in.

So, that's where this fizzy and euphoric, 100 percent Kristen Bell-ified bundle of skincare joy began. Now, five months after the initial announcement was made and more than two years into product development, a debut trio of Happy Dance products is available.

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