Bell — who just unveiled her CBD-based brand, Happy Dance, this week — is brutally honest about her decision to dive into the beauty industry, too. "I'm gonna be real clear with you. I don't need another paycheck," she says. "I make enough money that I don't need to do something I don't believe in." But Bell, who fell in love with the very chic, but very pricy Lord Jones line of CBD products, did believe in sharing its benefits with a bigger audience. "I grew up in Michigan and it's not lost on me that I have the ability to go to an L.A. boutique and buy a great product and not look at the price," she says. "But the majority of my friends don't have that ability, and the majority of Americans don't have that ability, and that doesn't sit well with me."

After two and a half years, Bell's vision came to life with three debut products that are as cheery as the star herself. "I thought, What would I look like if I was sitting in your medicine cabinet every morning being like, 'HEYYYY,' and this is it," she says of the CBD Body Butter ($30), CBD Coconut Melt ($25), and CBD Bath Bomb ($15), which are all sourced from Premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. From the sunshine-y color palette to the cheeky branding, Bell hopes Happy Dance will appeal to overworked moms who deserve more than 15 minutes of self care a day. "Even prior to the pandemic, I took issue with the current definition of self care — that it was an event and those two hours for your monthly manicure are all that you got to yourself," she says. "That just doesn't work for me. I need something that is manageable and daily and sometimes hourly."

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