Party Time! Unique Home Birthday Party Ideas for Adults (& Kids at Heart)

We’re turning ONE!!! Happy (dance) birthday to us! Can you believe it’s been a year since we’ve launched Happy Dance?! Shout out to everyone who has supported us and helped us get here. Without you, we’re just an empty carpool, so thanks for joining the ride.

Although it’s fun to go out for birthdays, we have to admit that as we get older, it’s also pretty great to kick back at home to celebrate. If you feel us, we’ve created this list of our favorite ideas for throwing the perfect birthday party from the comfort of home, all while lounging in cozies (maybe even in the new the Happy Dance tie-dye sweatsuit that we’re giving away below).

Throw a Dinner Party for FriendsThrow a Dinner Party for FriendsThere’s nothing better than good food, best friends, and great conversation. Dinner parties are the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, not to mention, they’re incredibly entertaining and rewarding. Who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal straight from the heart?

But if the kitchen happens to be your least favorite area in the house, order takeout and have it delivered to your doorstep. If you’re feeling extra fancy, bring the restaurant to you by hiring an at-home chef to create the perfect dishes. It’s your birthday, so go ahead and indulge!

Have a Cake OffHave a Cake OffA birthday isn’t complete unless you have a birthday cake, right?! Unleash your inner Paul Hollywood, (especially if you’ve binge-watched all seasons of The Great British Baking Show during the past year) and dare to create your dream cake. Challenge yourself by attempting a surprise cake or colorful rainbow cake. If baking isn’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with a classic instant box cake from the supermarket…no one says “no” to a Funfetti—we certainly won’t judge!

Host a Movie NightHost a Movie NightFor a cozy, yet entertaining birthday, turn your living room into a cinema! With the availability of streaming services, it’s now easier than ever to watch the latest releases. Create the ultimate theater experience by renting a projector, screen, and speakers. Don’t forget to grab those blankets from the closet, make some popcorn, and stock up on yummy snacks!

Enjoy an At-Home Spa DayHappy Dance Bath BombIt’s a classic birthday activity for a good reason—you deserve to pamper yourself on this special day. Pick up your favorite sheet mask, nail polish, and magazine to feel like you’re at a professional spa. Run a bath to completely relax and unwind. Don’t forget to use the new Happy Dance Feel-Great Bundle to soothe your skin with CBD for a moment of Zen & top it off with replenishing your moisture!

Host a Karaoke PartyHost a Karaoke PartyThis one isn’t for the faint of heart but makes for a hilarious evening. Start warming up those vocal cords and prepare to belt out the best karaoke songs! If you can’t decide what to sing, mix things up by having guests write their favorite song on a piece of paper, drop it in a bowl, and pick at random.

Participate in a Fitness ClassParticipate in a Fitness ClassThere’s nothing like starting off your next trip around the sun on an endorphin-filled kick. Instead of celebrating by partying, jump into an energetic at-home workout that’ll make you feel great while getting stronger. We recommend trying the Peloton app for their live fitness classes with entertaining instructors and extensive library of on-demand videos. P.S. Yoga pants are the new LBD, you heard it here first.

Re-Read Your Favorite Book  Re-Read Your Favorite Book Whether you prefer a Jane Austen classic or a cheeky Lauren Weisberger novel, enjoy your birthday by diving into your favorite book of all time. Despite the thrill of turning brand new pages, there’s something comforting when it comes to rereading. It’s the perfect escape to your happy place. Sit back, relax, and get lost in those magical words.

Reflect on the Past YearReflect on the Past YearTime passes before you know it, so immortalize your growth by writing in a journal. Putting thoughts on paper is like a time capsule—you can look back and see what was going on in your life. Preserve your most recent year by listing your hobbies, personal accomplishments, life events, and things you’ve learned. Growing older is a beautiful thing that should be remembered.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate your special day at home? Don’t forget to check out our Instagram to enter our birthday giveaway — we’ll choose ten lucky people to win the Feel-Great Bundle and Happy Dance Tie-Dye Sweatsuit! Click here to learn more.


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