How To Workout (Even If You're Busy AF)

Ever feel like you're too busy to get fit? We can relate. When your inbox is overflowing, the kids need help with homework, and the laundry is piling up, exercise becomes the first thing to take a back seat.  

The idea of going to the gym or running a mile may seem daunting, so when it comes to fitness, don't overthink it. Make it easy and fun! Here are our favorite tips for incorporating movement into your daily routine.

Walk Outside

Walking OutsideThere's nothing like a breath of fresh air! Get your body moving by simply walking. Use your breaks at work to walk around the building or block. Have a long phone call? Walk and talk. By getting active, you'll instantly feel refocused and have more energy for the day. 

Park Far Away

Car Park

Stop wasting time looking for the parking spot closest to the store entrance (you know who you are!). Park at the end of the lot and walk. It's an easy way to incorporate more movement into your day; plus, there are strangely always shady spots at the end, right?!  

Take the Stairs

Take the StairsSay goodbye to the elevator and meet your new cardio friend, the stairs. We know they're easy to avoid, but stairs are great for burning calories, getting your heart rate up, not to mention, toning your booty and legs. 


DeskIf sitting is the new smoking, well, it's time to get out of our office chairs. Spend a few minutes every hour stretching or standing up. Get stronger by swapping your chair for an exercise ball to strengthen your core or keep a mini elliptical under your desk to burn a few calories. Although these activities may not feel like workouts, they're way better than remaining sedentary. You can even set a reminder on your device to move your body!

Ditch the Car, Ride a Bike 

Ride a Bike

It's easy to hop in the car to run an errand that's just down the street. Instead, ride a bike! This eco-friendly mode of transportation will not only save you gas money but will have a positive impact on your well-being. Remember, always wear a helmet!

Find a Fun Exercise

Indoor Rock Climbing

Have you ever wanted to move like Beyoncé? Join a dance class! Want to feel adventurous and get strong? Try rock climbing. You're never too old to learn a new skill. If you feel intimated, bring a friend!  

Prioritize Yourself First

JournalingMovement is essential for your body and mind, so whether you're an early bird or a night owl, look at your schedule and see where you can add activity to your daily routine. Remember to start slow and set reasonable goals. Don't forget to reward yourself — there's no better way than to treat your body post-workout with soothing Happy Dance™ CBD products! 

What are your favorite easy ways to incorporate fitness into a busy day? Let us know! 


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