CBD Coconut Melt – The Multipurpose Miracle Worker You Need in Your Summer Routine

Getting some extra sun this summer? You might need to add some mega hydration to your skincare routine with the Happy Dance™ CBD Coconut Melt! Made with only 2 simple ingredients, Coconut Oil and CBD, it can be used in every step of your routine. Get ready to meet your new must-have skincare product.  

Our Worry-Free Ingredients

Why do we love CBD so much? Well, if you’ve never tried it before, let us tell you it’s like turning down the volume on your life just a little bit. It also helps to soothe skin when applied topically.  

CBD Coconut MeltOur Coconut Melt is formulated with only 2 ingredients: Coconut Oil and CBD. That’s it.  

  • Full Spectrum CBD helps to soothe and calm skin (we promise, it will not get you high). Learn all about CBD here. 
  • Coconut Oil instantly hydrates and melts on contact with skin. Not to mention, it smells like a tropical vacation. So relaxing! 

How To Use CBD Coconut Melt 

Roll up to the hydration station and enjoy the soothing sensation of this magical formula on your skin. Use it as you would use Coconut Oil in your beauty routine. We’ve added 225mg of CBD to each jar so you can treat your body whenever you need an extra dose of calm. 


This product does it all, we swear. It’s a multi-purpose, wonder worker that can be used as a:  

  • Skin Moisturizer: Apply it from head-to-toe for all day moisture. 
  • Lip Mask: Add a light layer in the morning and evening for a smoother pucker.
  • Hand & Cuticle Hydrator: Bring sweet relief to dry skin after washing or using sanitizer. 
  • Makeup Remover: Skip abrasive washcloths and gently remove the day’s makeup. 
  • Hair Mask: Apply it to dry hair 15-20 minutes prior to shampooing for luscious locks. 

TIP: If your Coconut Melt becomes solid in cold temperatures, all you need to do is warm up the formula in your hands. 

Get ready for some serious hydration in no time. Seriously, when you have no time…we’re talking to all those movers and shakers out there! 

Find the CBD Coconut Melt  in-store and online at ulta.com; and always at doahappydance.com.

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