10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter is here and it isn’t going anywhere for a while. With colder temperatures and shorter days, it’s not uncommon to feel more sluggish and just downright fatigued (especially on top of everything else going on in life). Fortunately, there are ways to help you get rid of those winter blues. Read on for our favorite tips!

1. Watch Something That Makes You LOL

Send the kids to bed and turn on your favorite movie or show that will have you cracking up. Whether it’s The Good Place, Bad Moms, or Forgetting Sarah Marshall (do you see the theme here?), we can agree that laughter is the best medicine. Check out Kristen’s new dark comedy, The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window premiering January 28th on Netflix—be warned, you’ll laugh…and perhaps hide underneath the covers.

2. See The Light—LiterallySee The LightNaturally boost your mood with a little help from the sun! Vitamin D from sunlight is good for the mind, body, and soul. It helps boost serotonin levels and your mood— just remember to wear your favorite SPF to protect your skin. If it’s dark or cloudy where you live, try using artificial light to help brighten your day. We love this budget-friendly light therapy lamp from Amazon!

3. Break Up…With Your PhoneBreak Up With Your PhoneWhen the temperature drops, it’s so comforting to curl up on the couch with a warm blanket and scroll on your phone…until you find yourself spending too much time online—we’re all guilty of going down the TikTok rabbit hole. Instead, take a break from those blue light devices by reading a book, writing in a journal, or learning a new hobby. Being present in the moment will have you feeling more relaxed in no time.

4. Paint Your PlatePaint Your PlateIf your dinner plate is looking a bit bland and beige, mix it up with some bright veggies, fruits, and legumes. Make you meals look as colorful as a rainbow! Incorporating different food groups gives your body loads of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals—basically, all the good stuff! Oh, and if you want that piece of chocolate, go ahead!

5. Level Up Your Manicure GameHappy Dance CBG + CBD Soul Reviving Hand CreamWinter can take a toll on skin, so give your hands some TLC. Add some glam to your nails at your next manicure appointment as an instant mood booster, and hydrate your skin with the Happy Dance™ Soul Reviving CBD + CBG Hand Cream. It’s formulated with plant-based ingredients to condition skin and restore hands to a softer, smoother state. Remember, life isn’t perfect, but your nails can be!

6. Elevate Your Heart RateElevate Your Heart RateRelease those “feel-good” brain chemicals by getting your body moving. Regular exercise can help reduce stress, improve confidence, and give you more energy. Who doesn’t want to feel this way? You can even workout from the comfort of your own home— stream a class in your living room, walk around the neighborhood, or dance along to our upbeat workout tunes over on Spotify. Get your booty off the couch and go break a sweat!

 7. Go Outside and PlayGo Outside and PlayHow annoying was it when your parents used to say, “Fresh air will do you good!”? Well, it seems like they were right. Even when it’s chilly outside, spending time with Mother Nature can help improve stress levels, focus, and energy. Don’t fight the cold, learn to embrace it. Take the opportunity to discover the outdoors while snowshoeing, building a snowman with the kids, or riding down mountains on skis or a snowboard. For beginners, take lessons with friends and enjoy après ski time together!

8. Reset Your Broken Internal ClockReset Your Broken Internal ClockAs much as it’s incredibly tempting to sleep in when it’s dark outside and the alarm goes off, don’t hit that snooze button. Establishing a good sleep routine can be beneficial to lifting your mood. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, including weekends—sorry but we swear this helps! Getting too little sleep can make you feel like a zombie, while too much sleep can leave you feeling totally lethargic. Try getting 7-9 hours each night so you can function like a proper human being.

9. Bundle Up, DarlingBundle Up, DarlingRemember that ugly sweater you wore to your company’s holiday party? Don’t retire it just yet. Bring it out from the back of your closet! Layering clothes and staying warm are essentials to feeling cozy in the winter, while feeling cold can have you feeling fatigued throughout the day. Get dressed in wool, flannel, and fleece to keep your body at the perfect temperature. Flaunt your winter fashion!

10. Talk Through ItTalk Through ItIf your blues don’t seem to be going away, know that feeling down is treatable. Most importantly, no one should suffer in silence. Call a trusted friend, talk to counselor, or reach out to your family physician. Even Kristen has been candid about her mental health. Watch her in-depth interview with Sam Jones here.

Although staying cozy doesn’t create perfection, we hope these tips will help on days when it’s cold outside—or if you’re totally snowed in (come on, snow days are the best). What are your favorite things to do in the winter? Let us know in the comments!

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